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Feb. 2017    Parish Land and Assets

The position of Kirby Cane and Ellingham Parish Council becomes increasingly farcical and almost untenable. Were it not for the fact that local councils have been placed above the law by the last coalition government I believe our present councillors would have been disqualified from office long ago. Why, because they are failing to protect village assets which are potentially worth millions.

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This site is intended as a drop-box for any interesting historical information concerning the villages of Kirby Cane and Ellingham, Norfolk. The links between the past and the present are also explored.

At the present time the information relates to relatively modern aspects of village life. Future content will be added according to the interests of the researchers who choose to contribute to the site.

Please respect the authors and name the site should you wish to quote from any of the material within.

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November/December 2016 Secret dealings? See KC&EPC continue to hide etc.

July 2016 Kirby cane Charity and Ellingham United Charities accounts for last year have been published on their respective pages.

April 2016 New developments about Sand and Gravel Charity – see the page for details.

March 2016 Some nice new pictures added on the pics pages

Remember to click on the page you wish to read and scroll down under the picture.

January 2016 Details of the Ellingham United Charities 1918 Scheme of Governance have been added to the EUC page.

December 30th 2015

KC&EPC are up to their old tricks putting out misleading statements about parish assets. They have a few days to answer Freedom of Information requests and in the meantime: see Parish Council page.

November/December 2015

Well here we go again; at its November 2015 meeting KC&EPC have denied legal interest in the land and assets managed by the trustees of the two village charities. Councillors also continue to refuse to publish their declarations of interest on the KC&EPC website, despite being required to do so by law. As in the past, Councillor’s still seem to ignore the fact that they must declare an interest and should not vote for themselves. See KC&EPC Recent History page for further details.

September/October 2015

See General History page for a couple of links to Norfolk Heritage Explorer pages that outline some of the two villages early history.


Go to the Parish Council page for an update on just how personal and nasty the present Councillor’s can be, rather than concentrating on policies.

JULY 2015

It would seem that the new Kirby Cane and Ellingham Councillor’s have all completed the register of interests. This is a document that must, by law, be published on the Parish Council website. Unfortunately, this is not the case with KC&EPC so far. Why is this important? Well it would seem that one of the Councillor’s has failed to declare an interest in one of the village charities and has voted in the appointment of  trustees. This is rather disappointing from the “New Start” Councillor’s as it is the sort of thing that happened on the council a few years back.

5th June 2015  Well more good transparency news: a new post from the Parish Council can be found at this link:

This link provides another link to the information about a grant being given to the school by Kirby Cane Charities. We can only hope that the charity trustees will adopt a similar transparent approach to their meetings, income and donations. WATCH THIS SPACE


June 2015: Good news, having argued over a number of years for greater transparency from the Parish Council and the charities it seems someone has been listening. News of the actions of the council and Kirby Cane Charity have been posted on the Parish Council website. Let’s hope that this is a sign of greater transparency to come. Here is the link:

Election update for May 7th 2015: See Parish Council page for comments by Councillor Rod Cooke.

April 2015: New page added with pictures and the Tithe and Enclosure Award maps from the nineteenth century.

REMINDER: Contact can be made via the comments box below this message or at the bottom of each page.

March 2015: See recent history of Parish Council for new update on this below:

Kirby Cane and Ellingham Grapevine on Facebook for comment and lots of other information about all local events etc.

As Kirby Cane and Ellingham Parish Council is still hitting the headlines, all of the recent history of events has been moved to a page separate from the earlier historic record.

It seems that the Parish Council are again trying to divert our attention from the facts. A parishioner, as is the democratic right of all electors, challenged the Parish Council for failing to record parish assets in the annual statement. Did the Parish Council attend to the problem of the thousands of pounds worth of assets that have been usurped by private individuals? No, instead they attack the elector for daring to question them. This from a Parish Council made up of people from South Norfolk Council who cost a minimum of around £5000 a year each to the local electors! These councillors have cost the villages thousands of pounds by failing to manage parish lands.


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